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Make your own decoration

Artanzo drawings share a common feature : each piece is unique. You can use them to setup a great interior decoration that you will be the only one to have. To reach a good result, you will need good frames.

Frame size

The Artanzo artworks default size is A5 (21cm x 14.85cm), which is unfortunately not very common for framing.

There are two solutions : the first one is to find the good size frame that fits your drawing, the second one is to cut the drawing itself. As an example, for the drawings on the picture, I had to cut 1cm on the length size. Cutting needs to take caution because drawings are fragile : use a cutter and a metal ruler to avoid mistakes.

Once you get the good frame size, you can ask yourself which color is the best.

Frame color

Frame color choice can be a difficult task. However, Artanzo drawings colors palette is mainly compatible with 3 kinds frames : wooden, grey and black. Wooden frames fit almost all subjects and provide a natural touch to your decoration. Grey frames fit black & white drawings where color is not strongly present, black frames are good for colored drawings because they enforce the colors, especially reds.


If you own more than one Artanzo artwork, you may wonder how to arrange them on your walls. There is not specific rule, besides that you should display drawings quite close to each other because they are small. Several small drawings put together can form a beautiful art mosaic!