It all begins here

Welcome to Artanzo, a website where you will acquire original paintings for your home.

All artworks are unique and handmade, using traditional techniques and materials : high quality Indian ink, Watercolors and Calligraphy sheets.

You can order drawings by participating to auctions or buying art directly when possible.

First of all, let’s explain what is an auction

An auction is a way to sell goods. We set up a starting price, usually very low, the « starting bid ». When you click on a drawing on the homepage, you access to its details then you can si a red button named BID. The first bid you can do is the starting price, if no one else has already bid on it. If you are the only one to bid at the end of the auction period, you win the auction and you proceed to checkout. If someone had made a higher bid than yours during the auction period, you will lose the auction and you won’t be charged.

Each auction lasts usually 24h, and is relisted (restarted) after 6 hours if no one bids on it.

The « Buy it now » button : some artworks allow to pay directly for them, without entering the auction. The price is usually much higher than the auction starting bid because you don’t have to compete with other buyers. If you really want a drawing and you don’t want to miss it, this is the best solution !


When you win an auction, you have to pay an additional fee for postage that depends on your country. We ship all over the world, there is a flat rate to France ($3) and abroad ($8).


If you are faced to some issues while using the website, please check the FAQ section below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us at

Frequent Asked Questions

Can everyone participate to the auctions ?

Auctions are related to real payment business, so the same rules are applied as if you were buying something on an e-commerce website. Besides, there are additional rules explained in the terms and condition pages, especially regarding the gambling dependance and overdraft.

I don’t receive any confirmation e-mails for my account or my auctions

Artanzo always send e-mails for confirmations, so please check your spam box if you don’t see any confirmation e-mail.

Website translation has many mistakes

We use a Google automatic translation plugin, so the result might not be perfect. If you find difficulties understanding the website, please switch the language to English.

My shopping cart is empty

This can be a website bug, please make sure that you are connected to the website before paying. If you still don’t see your drawing in your shopping cart, go back to the main page, select the drawing you have bought (or have won the auction) and click on pay. If you still have issues paying, please contact us by e-mail.