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What is an art auction ?

An art auction is a kind of competition where customers compete to buy a painting by bidding on its value. Each auction has a start and an end date. At the end of the auction, the customer who has proposed the better price wins the auction, pays the artwork and receives it by mail.

NB : if you don’t win the auction you will never be charged.

Can everyone participate ?

Auctions are related to real payment business, so the same rules are applied as if you were buying something on an e-commerce website. Besides, there are additional rules explained in the terms and condition pages, especially regarding the gambling dependance and overdraft.

I don’t receive any confirmation e-mails for my account or my auctions

Artanzo always send e-mails for confirmations, so please check your spam box if you don’t see any confirmation e-mail.

Website translation has many mistakes

We use a Google automatic translation plugin, so the result might not be perfect. If you find difficulties understanding the website, please switch the language to English.

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