Buying a drawing: a personal choice

Whether you have never bought a drawing or are a collector, the process of acquiring someone else’s creation remains something very personal and emotionally based. This can come either from the aesthetics of a drawing or the message it conveys and often it is the result of both reasons.

Artanzo drawings

The artworks on Artanzo are all original and unique. They are made by hand and there is no copy or digital printing. A purchased drawing becomes your property, and only you can see it in real life. From a technical point of view, most of the drawings are made with Indian ink, pencils and watercolor. Framed, they can be kept without problem for decades.

Drawing sizes and shipping

On Artanzo the works belong to two groups, small and large formats. The small sizes are like an A5, a half A4 sheet. Their small size allows them to be shipped quickly and easily by mail, you will receive them at home within a few days after buying online. The large formats are variable, their size is between A4 and A3 (two A4 side by side). Depending on where you live, they may be delivered to you by hand or sent in rolls. You can also book them by sending me a message, and pick them up at an exhibition.

The drawing you would like to buy is in the gallery but not in the shop

It’s possible, all the works have not been uploaded yet. Do not hesitate to write to to ask if a drawing is available for purchase.

example of a framed drawing on a plain background