The trial


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This original drawing was made with a fine Brause nib pen on calligraphy paper. It represents a rare scene of an acrobat on a wire connecting it to a tree. Several interpretations are possible, the first being that of the trial and the surpassing of oneself.

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The trial and the drawing

Trial, this step that allows us to move forward in life and become someone new. Often, without realizing it, we are going through a difficult period of which we really do not discern either the beginning or the end. Following this we enter a new world that reveals its own complexity and associated challenges. What is the relation between such an introduction and art?

The drawing is a trial in itself. Faced with a blank sheet of paper, a pencil in our hand and our only imagination as a source of energy, we are embarking on the unknown. The first lines are the first timid steps of this exercise riddled with traps. Then come more assured lines that reveal the final rendering. Final? A drawing is never really finished, the artist decides the end of the test on purely subjective criteria. Here lies a subtlety in our relationship to creation: we do not really know when a work is finished and why. Adding too much detail can make a drawing uninteresting or unreadable. On the other hand, too simplistic work will hardly be rewarded.

As a result, this time arbitrage is strongly linked to the notion of satisfaction, or self-satisfaction of the artist. This concept, which is part of the emotional rather than the rational, traces the finish line of all the works from the earliest times. Then comes a revelation to us: to be a good artist, finally, do we need to master perfectly our own satisfaction? Some will say that this is the work of a lifetime. Others will persuade you to the contrary, arguing that it corresponds to innate and unique gift to each.

The mystery remains whole.

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