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This original drawing on the theme of Yoga was made on calligraphy paper. The ink used is deposited by a nib in very fine metal, which gives a unique texture different from that of the traditional pens.

In terms of interior decoration, drawing fits perfectly in a Zen atmosphere on a white wall or Veronese green, or even an avocado green.

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The escape is the art of transcending reality through self-awareness. The art of yoga is very useful to me because every posture of the human body tells its own story.

With the help of shapes, curves, points of contact and efforts it is possible to build a composition such as a monument on its foundations. Then come elements of context, a decor or a rainy weather that brings a touch of melancholy to the story told.

How did this approach come to me? I practiced yoga for a few years at a very modest level. What is fascinating in this discipline is the immediate effect of postures on the body and mind regardless of the level of expertise of the yogi. In drawing the approach is the opposite, to transmit emotion you have to practice long hours and succeed in finding the keys of a perfect harmony. Combining the art of yoga and drawing thus had a meaning for me, it even represented a form of symmetry of the mind and gesture.

Have you noticed the little couple under the woman who holds the posture? For the most observant it is about a pair of newlyweds, sheltered from the rain under this imposing body. There are many interpretations, some more positive than others. Indeed, in the obvious effort of balance shown in this drawing we can understand a challenge to be met or a suffering of the past difficult to overcome. Each on has his own vision, according to his past and the hardships he or she endured.

Finally, you will see the small trees next to this body. Without foliage, they accentuate the dramatic impression of the scene. You will see trees in many drawings because for me personally it is a great creative engine.

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