Order and chaos


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This drawing is made with India ink and watercolor on calligraphy paper. The main difficulty behind using this kind of paper is its thinness which allows only very little water for any composition. Its texture and slightly yellowed color recall the old prints, which allows us to combine this painting with works from other times.

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This drawing is part of one of my many researches of harmony in drawing, especially in abstract art.

I have always been fascinated by the liquid elements and the elegance that emanates from them. Why does our eye find it so pleasant to watch?

Too complex for us at first, the physical laws that rule these ephemeral elements give them a rare beauty, they remind us  a memory or the movement of a living being. Given this feeling, I had the desire to draw this phenomenon so hard to deal with. As contradictory as it may seem, drawing chaos requires great discipline. Each mistake creates a doubt for the observer who ends up no longer recognizing the element, but each step forward makes the latter more curious and satisfied with the scene.

The formula of abstract art

How to perform such an exercise? I tested several techniques, the simplest was to film with a camera a drop of ink that falls into a transparent container (I have for that a transparent teapot). By stopping the video at the right time, I selected the dynamics of the ink that seemed to me the most harmonious. Note that abstract art does not mean only non-figurative painting, it’s about finding a good balance of shapes and spaces. And without landmarks!

You can reproduce this experience at home, without necessarily drawing the result. You will be surprised by this very simple scene to build but so complex in its execution. If you get very good pictures, send them to me. I always look for inspiration.

Finally, this first attempt at abstract art being completed, I decided to make a whole collection. It is called “Abstract Nebula”, referring to people I have met in recent years.

To be continued.

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