sakuras time : a story about time and art


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This original drawing on calligraphy paper is one of the artistic representations of sakura, Japanese cherry tree. The main technical difficulty in the realization is to keep a thin line and purity to reach the harmony of the scene. Under a simple coaster or framed by a white frame, this design will bring a touch of tranquility to your home.

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There are times when nature is more beautiful than usual, the blossom of sakuras. This kind of tree is particularly appreciated by artists because it has a flowering tone so bright that the scene seems unreal, straight out of a fairy tale. Also called Japanese cherry tree, it offers its show of colors once a year, and only for a few days.

This combination of beauty and ephemera has been a source of inspiration not only for botanist painters, but also for poets, actors, writers and musicians. For a moment, public parks become real exhibition places for the sakura, a symbol of a far country’s art. A crowd of visitors come to take pictures, participate in fun activities and relax under the thick foliage near the ground.

Art and sakura

The works of any artist often seek to tell deep messages, hidden or not. The sakura is interesting from this point of view because it merges several dimensions together: nature, time and aesthetics. These three concepts arranged between them make it possible to form a multitude of messages, by analogy to the notes of a musical scale. How then to render a drawing that reflects these three aspects?


Sakura are characterized by white or bright pink flowers. Finding the right color is essential to translate this moment, without necessarily looking for complex tones. For that I chose a red vermilion which at first glance may seem a little strong, but becomes translucent and pleasant to watch once diluted. In addition, the red pencil enhances the contours so as not to lose the structure of the foliage. This one also makes it possible to draw the small discreet character with the umbrella which brings the touch of life to the composition.

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