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This drawing is a unique original, made with India ink on calligraphy paper. The nib used allows to draw precise details and features of great finesse. The transparent effects of color are brought by a touch of Venetian red in watercolor.

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Winter and yoga

Staying in the theme of art and yoga, this drawing refers to the cold season. The posture chosen symbolizes protection, meditating by focusing on its inner strength. The tree represented without leaves refers to this season and the balance of the pebbles gives a sensation of lightness to the composition completed by a full moon.

Why such a drawing? Winter in the true sense brings snow, frost. In the figurative sense, it represents an annual challenge and follows the previous drawing (see “the trial”). In realizing it I discovered an interesting axis of creation, that of the talisman art. This type of minimalist representation linking body and mind could become a small object that one keeps at home in an intimate place, that one observes from time to time to concentrate and think about life. Timeless, it would be a form of jewel to contemplate in secret safe from the judgments of others. Although this goal may seem pretentious at first, it deserves to be deepened with other tests. The first Artanzo drawings of which this one is part thus form the first stones of the building of an art therapy by the symbol.

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