A year ago, the site of Artanzo was born. There was no question of exhibition’s opening because the first drawings were barely finished. The initial idea was to work on a new style based on traditional ink painting techniques from China, and everything remained to be discovered.

Since, a hundred drawings have been made and grouped according to several themes. My meetings throughout this year with people interested in art have motivated me to exhibit my “works” in real life and organize a grand opening in a dedicated room, which is a real project.

Nevertheless, I wanted to make a virtual opening, because my story with drawing is digital for almost 20 years. Indeed, I belong to  the first generation of artists who grew up with new tools in their hands and who have decorated this immaterial world with illustrations coming from around the globe.

I also asked myself the question of remaining or not in this digital world whose possibilities are huge. The decision was difficult to take because working on computer has many advantages, both in terms of cost and speed of realization. However, over the years I was trying to get closer and closer to a traditional type of rendering, to the point where it was easier to go straight to classical techniques than to try to reproduce their effects. My decision was then to enjoy the pleasure of the materials and sensations of the work on paper, then distribute my drawings and participate in communities on the Internet. It is this alliance that gave rise to the Artanzo gallery whose purpose is a representation of the persistent link between real and virtual.

Historical anecdote

Do you know where the “vernissage” french word (exhibition’s opening) comes from? It was originally an event where the painters invited a very select public (the best customers or intermediaries) to show them their new collection of paintings just at the time of the application of the final touch, the varnish . The latter protects the frames against sunlight, dust and other sources of pollution. It also gives a brilliant and uniform tone on the painting, which gives it a “finished” and professional look.

On Artanzo the paintings are done in Indian ink, watercolor and inks. There is no varnish but rather online updates of novelties for curious visitors.


At present, the works are classified in 8 collections:


This collection contains surrealistic drawings drawn from the imaginary, often combining unexpected concepts.

link to the Imaginaire gallery


Naked body drawings presented in original compositions.

link to Nus gallery


The abstract is inviting on Artanzo via various experiments around fluids and textures.

link to Abstrait Gallery


A garden decorated with Zen drawings with Asian connotations.

link to Bonsai Gallery


Original postures sources of concepts.

link to Yoga Gallery


Symbolic animals, from my training sessions.

link to the Animalium Gallery


Technology and its impact on our daily realities.

link to the Tech Gallery


Faces and looks with enigmatic expressions.

link to Portraits gallery

I let you wander among these collections of drawings, you may find some images that will echo your own experience of life. If you want to buy an original drawing for your home or to offer, you have two options. Direct online order via the shop section of the site, or simply send an e-mail to the following address: contact@artanzo.com.

Very good visit to all.