I wish you all a happy new year 2019!

For Artanzo this year will be rich in creations with the launch of many drawings and new concepts. I will share with you the exploration of new techniques, articles on drawing and new collections.

What are my resolutions for this new year? The first is about creativity! I will always look for new ideas and go farther and farther to find the unknown art places. And always with the help of traditional tools including the one that I prefer, the Indian ink. I will write some notes on my sources of inspiration accompanied sometimes by tutorials for the most curious.

Secondly, I would like to open an art exhibition in a dedicated room in Paris. Depending on my progress on my drawing collections, I will invite you to see the artworks in real life and chat with you over a drink. This is a big and ambitious project, so it will take time!

Finally, I’m thinking to diversify my creative techniques to offer you a more varied content. For example, I’m going to explore the graphite pencil area that has always fascinated me. Color inks are also part of my priorities for this new year.

A lot of work in perspective, but exciting!

I wish you a very good year again, and see you soon on Artanzo.