Who am I ?

I am a french independent artist, born in Peru in the 1990’s and raised in France. I have always been passionate about art, especially drawing and painting. I started drawing very young, then I did digital painting for years an participated to many art conventions.

Since 2017 I’m working with traditional mediums, Indian inks and watercolors. I really enjoy this new way of creating unique images and I sell them online all over the world. My main sources of inspiration are asia, zen ambients, yoga and technology. I am mostly involved into surrealist and figurative drawings but sometimes I go through abstract art.

Behind my artist activity online, I am a scientist and I work in a data analysis domain. I always loved science, and I’m convinced that art and science are deeply connected. One of my life goals is to show to everyone how science is present during life.

If you have any question about me or my art, feel free to chat with me using the website chat tab. I’ll me very pleased to answer to your questions.