Behind the scene

Drawing is a long term process that can last a whole life. During this process the artist is dipped into several ambients which influence his works. One interesting experience could be to intervert two artists life contexts (country, family, status, house, …) and observe if they works change or not.

Obviously, imagination and inspiration are always linked to some extent with reality and past. This short introduction purpose is to explain how context is important to the artist and how it defines the drawings you can see on Artanzo.

On the right side you can see a picture showing Artanzo tools. There are ink pots, watercolor tubes, brushes and a nib. This is an example of drawing context, using this kind of tools is actually very pleasant and leads to a very relaxing ambient. That’s why some Artanzo drawings are related to Zen scenes and offer a way to fly away from reality.

Art and Tea

Tea is strongly linked to art in asian countries. Tools used for the tea ceremony are beautiful and contribute to a unique ambient, that’s why Artanzo choosed tea cools for creation. Teapots can handle inks and tea spikes for Pu-er solid teas can be used to clean the ink nibs. It would also be very interesting to test painting with tea, this is a project for the future. How about other artists ? Usually, the process of creation needs imagination not only for the artwork, but also for the creative process. Many artists create their own tools and colors, they develop secret techniques to reach a unique and efficient result.

Art and Digital

Artanzo artist is part of the first generation of digital artists. During years, Olivier created using a drawing tablet and a computer, but each digital creation was a step towards a coming back to traditional techniques. Why having done this change? For Olivier the goal was to reach a traditional rendering using a computer, but even with specific softwares like Corel Painter © there was still something missing in the creation process. However, digital still strongly influences Artanzo creations, as there is a specific art collection dedicated to it.