Frequent Asked Questions

Artanzo artist
  • Who is Artanzo represented by ? Artanzo is currently represented by one artist, Olivier H.
  • Are there other artists on ? Not at this moment but maybe one day we’ll open the gallery to other artists who bring a complementary vision/technique.
  • How to contact the artist ? Olivier H. can be contacted using the chat tab on the right side of the website. If there is no answer, just leave a message on the chat and Olivier will read it when he will be available.
  • Is it possible to meet the artist ? Well theoretically yes, but mostly in Paris. Olivier H. does not plan currently to make some exhibitions abroad.
  • How many drawings are there on Artanzo ? Currently, there are more than 80 drawings online.
  • How much time does it take to achieve a drawing ? There is no rule, it depends on the subject and the difficulty of  the composition. Moreover, time spent on a drawing should take into account the time to get a good idea and drawing preparation (searching references, …). A gross evaluation of time spent for a A5 drawing painted with Indian ink and watercolors can be around 3-4 hours. You should also keep in mind that time spent is not necessary a condition to get a good work. Some drawings with a good idea and a good inspiration can be done quickly and lead to a great result.
  • What are the drawing sizes on Artanzo ? Artanzo drawings are originally  A5 format (14.85 x 21 cm). Few drawings are bigger and their size are around A4 (21 x 29 cm). The main reason of having chosen A5 format as a main format that Artanzo drawings are made with a very fine nib that is usually adapted for calligraphy. All drawings are scanned at a very high resolution (600 dpi) and can be printed at any format. 3 standard formats are available in the shop.
  • Is a drawing unique ? Original drawings are handmade with ink, so each work is unique and difficult to reproduce. You can find limited editions of Artanzo drawing prints on the website. If you really want to buy an original, please contact the artist using the chat tab.
  • Do drawings look like in real the same than on Artanzo website ? Actually, drawings are scanned or taken in photography to be uploaded online. The print is generally much better than the online scan, because it is done with high quality materials.
  • Why does drawings backgrounds look a bit yellow ? This is due to the paper material, it is calligraphy paper. This kind of paper has the advantage to bring a bit of warmth to the composition.
  • How do I puchase a drawing ? It’s very simple, like on any e-business website you have to add it to your cart then pay for it and give your coordinates for shipping (address, name, …)
  • What does “out of stock” mean ? Does that mean that the drawing will be available again on the website ? It depends if the drawing is a limited edition print. For instance, if the edition is limited to 50 prints, then after 50 sales the stock will be not renewed.
  • Are drawings sent with a frame ? Currently not, because frames are fragile and very expensive. If you really want a frame, please contact the artist using the chat tab.
  • How much time does it take to receive a drawing ? It depends on where do you live and the format. Actually, Artanzo is based in Paris (France). For France shipping is quite fast and you can get your drawing in 3-5 days. For other countries you may have to wait around 7-15 days to receive your drawing.
  • I cannot pay with stripe or paypal, there are errors. If you find any trouble to pay on Artanzo, please contact the artist using the chat tab on the right side of the website. You will get usually a quick answer.
  • How drawings are sent to me ? Drawings are usually send by postmail using a tracker, the tracker is normally not communicated (it is on a french website) but it can be used in case of a problem in delivery.
  • My drawing is damaged, what can I do ? Unfortunately, this can happen meanwhile it’s very rare. In this case, please take a picture of the drawing and send it to the artist using the chat tab on the website. You will get a refund or another free drawing !
  • Some drawings do not have a price, why ? These drawings are part from an online experiment, the “name your price” or NYP. NYP concept is that people choose for the price they want to pay for a drawing, this price can be 1€ (at minimum) or more. Of course you still have to pay shipping fees for a NYP drawing. If you have any questions about NYPs, please use the chat tab to discuss with the artist.
  • Can I ask the artist for a custom drawing ? Yes you can do it using the chat tad on the right side of the website.