small size print
5 €
Limited edition to 100 copies
10 x 15 cm
5.9 x 7.9 in
medium print
25 €
Limited edition to 50 copies
30 x 40 cm
11.8 x 15.8 in
large size print
70 €
Limited edition to 10 copies
60 x 80 cm
23.6 x 31.5 in

Small size

This format is perfect for small spaces like bedrooms or studios. You can display it on a shelf, a table or set a composition of several drawings on a wall. Some people also like to collect small drawings in an artbook. There are more than 80 drawings on Artanzo website, so feel free to check the gallery!



Medium size

This size is big enough for a wall decoration. You can combine it  to small drawings for a better result. This is also a very handy format, you can carry it easily between rooms.

Large size

This format is the best one for interior decoration, as it covers a large surface and gives a special ambient to the room. It is also the rarest format as there are very fiew copies of it. If you really like a drawing and you want to create an original atmosphere in your home, this is the best choice!