It all started in the middle of the Andes in 1983, at an altitude of 10,827 feet, near an astrophysical observatory. From this place free from human pollution, the cloudless dark nights offered to the rare inhabitants a spectacle of immense beauty. In this place so isolated from everything Artanzo came into the world, he will unfortunately only keep one memory, that of a brightly colored llicclla …

Five years later, Artanzo lives in the capital of Peru, Lima. The weather is very different, very humid with scary insects of all kinds.

Like a child who experiences life, Artanzo discovers new activities every day. Drawing was from the first moment a different experience from the others, Artanzo was constantly drawing and did not stop showing his “works” to his parents who wrote in small date next to each sketch.

In 1990, Artanzo arrived in France in the middle of the Alps. Artanzo found in nature a place of immense complexity and source of a multitude of possible experiences. One day, the Internet came into the house, like an unexpected neighbor who is watched with suspicion. Nature and its charms gradually moved away, replaced by the opportunity to share, to communicate with the whole world, at least with this illusion.

To tell the truth, at first Artanzo was not very good at drawing. He tried to learn by himself with a certain haste which did not help him to understand the fundamentals, which conducted to rather awkward drawings but always with an original idea. The illustrations from this period are nevertheless interesting, and largely inspired by the world of Japanese manga.

In 2005 Artanzo left the calm, sleepy, countryside and moved to paris for work and continued to draw. Inspired by the big towers of the business district lit up at night, the slamming of the metro doors, the crowds in the undergrounf corridors helped inspire Artanzo’s artwork. Escaping in a small studio, a radio and a laptop Artanzo created his artwork and even exhibited them in amateur salons.

Today, Artanzo still draws and creates its own site. The idea of ​​this gallery website is to share its history through the concept of a drawing-idea, and to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to decorate their home with original and personal works.