Dear visitor,

I invite you to cross this bridge that connects your life with your dreams, you will discover the “drawing-ideas” concept. If you feel an emotion while visiting Artanzo gallery, you can acquire a piece of art and take it back to your home, or offer it to someone who loves original stories.

You may be asking yourself the following question : who is Artanzo? Artanzo is the nickname of an artist, a single man who rents a small piece of the Internet like a garden. To grow this place, Artanzo observes, imagines, draws, shares and invites you to join him.

Artanzo hopes to arouse your curiosity, and I wishes you a great virtual journey.

Do you have any idea, a wish or a question? Just contact Artanzo using the website contact button on the bottom-right side, he will answer you quickly.

A unique interior decoration

All Artanzo drawings are printed in limited series, that make you the owner of a rare and precious artwork. Three art collections define the size and the level of rarity: “Microcosm”, “Genesis” and “Prestigious”.

The “Microcosm” collection

The “Microcosm” collection is represented by limited edition small prints (5.8 x 8.3 inches), of which there are 500 copies for each drawing. Small prints are great for interior murals, you can easily combine them with other pictures of any size.


The “Genesis” and “Pretigious” collections

These collections are printed at 20 and 10 copies, that makes them very rare.

The “Genesis” collection is composed by preliminary sketches that will bring you to the backstage of Artanzo works. The “Prestigious” collection is about finished drawings colored or monochrome depending on the used technics.

If you want to make your interior unique, these collections are the best option. The printing paper is a very high quality one, giving a traditional look to the pictures and make them resistent.

“Genesis”  and “Prestigious” collection drawings are 11.8 x 17.7 inches.

These collection artworks are accompanied by authenticity certificates.