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welcome visitor is an online art gallery where you can acquire original handmade drawings. The idea behind Artanzo project is to provide people affordable art to help them create their own unique interior decoration. All drawings are imagined and realized by Olivier H., a french self-taught artist passionate about art.

One word about the drawing technics : Artanzo drawings are usually based on two technical skills. The simplest technic is using pencils on a thick sheet of watercolor paper. The other one involves ink (applied with nibs and brushes) and watercolors. This way of drawing is very difficult to master as there is no space for mistakes, and reaching a good quality of lines can take years of practice.

How do we ship? Artanzo drawings are usually sent by postmail, using a tracked package. We deliver art all over the world, from France to far places like Alaska or Japan. If you have any questions about how to purchase, please contact us using the chat tab.

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Artanzo drawings are regrouped by collections. Depending on your likes, you will be more attracted by some themes and others won’t draw your attention. Browsing art  is strongly related to personals taste, that’s why the website helps you to select your favorite topics.

Main collections are “animalium” (animal drawings), “yoga sutra” (drawings inspired by yoga or gym postures), “charadesign” (mostly portraits and human drawings excluding nudes), “boudoir” (soft nude related drawings), “tech” (works related to hightech), “bonsaï garden” (trees of all sizes)  and “oniric” (surreal drawings).


Do you think that contemporary art will turn into more figurative art in the next years ? #art #question #contemporaryartist

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Olivier H.