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Dear visitor,

I invite you to cross this bridge that connects your life with your dreams, you will discover the “drawing-ideas” concept. If you feel an emotion while visiting Artanzo gallery, you can acquire a piece of art and take it back to your home, or offer it to someone who loves original stories.

You may be asking yourself the following question : who is Artanzo? Artanzo is the nickname of an artist, a single man who rents a small piece of the Internet like a garden. To grow this place, Artanzo observes, imagines, draws, shares and invites you to join him.

Artanzo hopes to arouse your curiosity, and I wishes you a great virtual journey.

Do you have any idea, a wish or a question? Just contact Artanzo using the website contact button on the bottom-right side, he will answer you quickly.

A unique interior decoration

All Artanzo drawings are printed in high quality series, that make you the owner of a precious artwork. 

Have you ever thought to bring some originality at home?

Nowadays original decoration is difficult to find as consumer market is very standardized. Unique art is generally reserved to an elite, Artanzo breaks this convention to make you an art collector like the most recognized art lovers. Moreover, you can get in touch with the artist, follow his artistic process and discuss about the future illustrations and art techniques.

Where do Artanzo artworks come from?

Artanzo works are inspired by dreams and nightmares. Dreams are painted in joyful colors with soft watercolors, nightmares are represented with dark India ink. This dichotomy is in the eyes of the artist the origin of everything in our lives, and explains what the humankind is and will be. Behind each drawing lies a hidden message with several interpretations of it. If you like poetry, think each piece of art as a verse from a universal story.