Pencil sketch (open licence)


    This commission is related to the process described below :

    1. Briefing : you ask the artist what you want him to draw. It can be an idea or a specific subject
    2. The artist makes some graphical or bibliographic research about the subject
    3. You receive by e-mail a first rough to make sure the drawing is accurate. You can ask some corrections once.
    4. The artist makes the corrections
    5. You receive by e-mail the final drawing as high resolution PNG and JPG files. The artist keeps the original drawing.

    Attention : this commission is open licence, you can make any use of it but you must quote the artist. The artist is still the owner of the drawing and can sell prints of it on Artanzo website or in any artistic event. He can also display the drawing on his website.

    Pencil sketch (open licence)